Intake Process

When a parent is granted legal visitation rights but requires supervision due to specific circumstances, they must adhere to a structured intake process. This process typically involves contacting the appropriate authority or agency to schedule visitation appointments.

Before the visit, the parent may be required to submit relevant legal documentation, such as court orders or custody agreements, to confirm their authorized visitation status.


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We understand that the process can be confusing. Here are the things that we will need from you to get you started:

Parenting Plan and Court Documents Surrounding Visitation

Maintaining the necessary court documents is vital to guaranteeing the visiting parent’s access to the court-approved time with their child. Occasionally, specific visitation restrictions might apply, and it’s important for A New Hope to stay informed about them. 

We encourage the use of email with PDF attachments as the preferred method for document submission. Should you have legal representation, your attorney can conveniently send the required documents directly to us on your behalf when you make the request.

Protection Order or No Contact Order

If a protective order is involved, the agency must keep copies on record to facilitate arrangements for visitation exchanges, adhering to the court’s specified requirements. The previously mentioned approach for document submission also remains applicable in this scenario.


The intake process comprises two components. Initially, both parties are required to complete an intake form, providing essential general information about their respective cases. Following the submission and assessment of this information, a video intake session will be conducted individually with each party. 

This session aims to seek clarification on the submitted intake details and also to discuss the agency’s rules and protocols. For obtaining the intake packet, please reach out to the agency directly.

Next Steps

Once the intake process is entirely finished, we will initiate the visitation scheduling procedure. If a no contact order is in effect, A NEW HOPE will take care of arranging the location accordingly. In cases without a no contact order, we will still handle the location setup.

When proposing visitation locations, it is essential for visiting parents to consider the limitations specified in their court order, as strict adherence to these guidelines is required. Should either party have any inquiries or doubts, our team is readily available to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any necessary clarifications.

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